9.16.17 Thrifting – which one is real?

The Chanel bag is super soft, luxurious, leather. The Coach bag is the standard coach fabric and leather accents.

By feel – I’d say the Chanel bag. But by authentication most likely the Coach bag (though I haven’t 100% verified this yet). It has a sewn in certificate (the Chanel has nothing inside). The Chanel bag has a very fake looking tassel – the Coach has good hardware.

Do I care?

Um, no, my purse is now the super soft and bright, fake-Chanel. Because we should use what makes us happy. Would I like the Chanel more of it was real? Honestly, maybe.

..maybe we all have some “I have a real x” desire in us. But it makes me happy just the way it is. Free from my sister’s closet – what could be better?


9.15.17 Thrifting dishes continued

So – here are a few tips I picked up from the pro of Thrifting.

  1. Yes, you can make money for selling china.
  2. It’s a bit more intensive than other items because A. It’s china and you have to pack (so buy bubble wrap) and ship carefully. B. You can sell it in a lot but that usually earns less. C. Since it’s china you’ll most often find less than a set at a thrift store. Even then – if people are looking to complete a set it’s often a great ROI (return on investment).

Checking prices on eBay – when you go to eBay scroll all the way to the bottom. Click on “classic site.” Enter in what you’re looking for – in my case – Wedgewood Tuscany (there is also a # on each piece that signifies the pattern – it is the same on the type so all cereal bowls are #48, all plates #11 – you can add this but it didn’t change the search). And then over to the left, toward the bottom you can filter your results. Filter by: sold listings. This shows you what people have paid – which is a good way to see what you might make.

Again, unless someone buys your stuff – you haven’t earned you any money. So if you check out what people have paid – it will give you an idea of

a. If it’s popular and

b. What you can probably charge.

I found another beautiful brand set but it wasn’t being sold for more than $4 a plate. You decide if that is worth it to you. Since I’m in a small living arrangement currently I’m not willing to add things that *might* sell.

Any questions? Any searching tips of your own?

9.14.17 Thrift shopping

I forgot how amazing the thrift stores are outside Atlanta.

My sister is a QUEEN 👑 at finding things because she knows names, brands, authenticity…I am merely a baby 🚼 learning.

Today I found some Wedgewood plates and bowls. On Replacementsdotcom the bowls are going for: 124.99. 1 bowl. I bought 6. The plates are going for 79.99 – I bought 7. So I emailed replacementsdotcom to see how much I could get from them. They will give me 16.00 a bowl and I didn’t see a figure for the plates. I paid 10.91 for them – total. Now, I get that until someone buys them, I haven’t made any money but BUT the possibilities are endless.

A few finds my sister has made – a $10,000 men’s wool coat (forget the brand) for $15. She sold it for $500. A $1,500 gold watch for $15. A stone figurine for $124. She contacted the artist – it was his first piece. As is, it’s worth about about $2,500. If she sends it to him, he’ll fix it for $500 (it has semi-precious stones in it) and he will give her a Certificate of Insurance for $10,000.

I thought it might be fun as I find pieces – I’ll take pictures and then when we sell them, I’ll post that. Sound good?

Oh, I also got a new looking Pouchie (go look they care vegan leather purse inserts that start at $35) for $5. I have a niece who is vegan. Yay! Christmas present!


Update: 9.15.17 – My sister helped me find how much I should charge on eBay. Bowls are harder to find so I’m going to charge $40 each plus shipping (eBay takes a fee for both) and the plates $25 each. *IF* I sell them, it’ll be a great return on investment – I’ll keep you updated.

Random thoughts 9.12.17

I struggle with updating this because as a freelance writer, I want my posts to be perfect. Pictures, and captions, and citations, and content that inspire and impress. But my personal writing has always been a hodgepodge – kinda like a pensieve from Harry Potter – get it out of my brain and down on “paper.”

So here goes:

  1. Evacuating for the hurricane sucked. What is normally a 10 hour trip turned into 25 hours of driving misery.  MISERY! The only bright spot was how kind the majority of people were everywhere. Never want to do that again. Thank God I drive an automatic car and not a stick shift.
  2. My life feels like its flip-flopping around. I’m going to re-settle in Georgia for awhile. Re-setting my mind. Not at the beach. I’m sad but it was a daily struggle. My son hated it. My cat developed open sores on his body. My dog was happy because he is where I am but even he struggled to walk on hot asphalt daily. Sigh. Maybe Savannah in a few months?
  3. Abundance mindset – working on it.
  4. It is nice not to walk outside and sweat. More than nice. Lovely. But it’s not beach and I love beach. But when every person and animal in your life hates it, can you really force it on them?

Molly Sapp and Danielle LaPorte are in my reading/listening now. What is the difference between emotion and feeling for you?


Trying to figure out what my ultimate feeling is to see my path to it. Have you explored either?

National Lipstick 💄 Day July 29, 2017

MAC has a free lipstick at their stores or any location that carries them. First come, first served so get there early.


Ruby Woo mac_sku_M0N904_640x600_0picture courtesy of the MAC site.


Here’s a list of the lines with discounts.



Good morning!

How has your week been? Mine has been super busy and productive – which I love!

I’ve been doing some training on Instagram to help my clients. And I’ve doubled my followers in a week which I am pretty impressed by since I’ve had IG for like a year now and the numbers didn’t move. I started a 30 day challenge there that you can join in anytime. And re-do any time. It’s pretty simple – every morning you:

  1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for;
  2.  Write a compliment to yourself;
  3. Do something you love, but don’t do enough of, for 5 minutes. I wrote draw because I love to draw but often wait till the conditions are “just right” before I do it. Maybe you like to sing, or dance, or paint, write a poem, read a poem? Whatever! Just do it!

Come follow me on Instagram (netc23) everyday and share your 5 minutes a day.

Hope the rest of your week is amazing!

How to make your life easier.

Just wait.

Easier said then done, right?

I had a friend. One day we were sitting down to dinner – we had been out riding bikes all day and we were hungry! So once our food was finished we both shoveled huge mouthful into our mouths. Then we both said “OW” and gulped down cold water to soothe our poor, now burnt, tongues. And then we sat, staring in frustration, at our steaming, hot, and as yet, inedible food.


I laughed and explained how my dad used to eat everything IMMEDIATELY, no matter how hot, and would suck in air with every breath to cool his food.

She told me how when she was a child she would do the same thing and every time her father would calmly say “just wait.” (Now that I write this out I wonder if this was a passive aggressive put-down? Oh well, it’s still a good lesson.)

So – now, when I get super hot food I picture a calm, Norwegian-looking man saying “just wait” in my mind.

Or when someone does something where I would usually get instantly mad.

Or when life feels very hopeless.

Or someone doesn’t respond when *I* think they should respond.



Food cools down.

So, just wait.

People drive away.

So, just wait.

Life becomes joyful, or at least bearable, again.

So, please, just wait.

You may get the answer you want. From them or someone else.

Just wait.

Just wait.

Just wait.

What simple, but profound, pieces of advice have you incorporated in your life? Please share.


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